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Short information about our club in English:

[Since the BBC article about us, we received plenty of visits from international fans or interested people. We will update our international section step by step with more information. Stay tuned.]

At the bottom of this page you find a list of pages which have a “translate to your language” button available. You can translate those pages directly to English or any other language. The translation won’t be perfect, but they are understandable.

FC Santa Claus Juniors was founded in 1994 and we specialize in junior football. We have two different paths:

1. Hobby direction

Hobby opportunities for all ages can be found in our club: Family Football (3-5 years old), “Nappulaliiga” (6-12 years old), Hobby League (13-17 years old), Rovaniemi Mimmiliiga (girls 6-17 years old). And for the adults: Women’s “Rentofutis” and Men’s “Harrastefutis”, two relaxed fun groups with a weekly training session and occassional friendly games or tournaments.

2. More serious direction

More purposeful junior teams for boys and girls can be found from the age of six until adolescence. Our goal is always to have at least one team per age juniors category (e. g. minimum one team for the two C-juniors age groups). If possible, we offer one team per year (age group). The Corona-situation in 2020 has made our situation a bit difficult, but in 2021 we are working on fixing the situation again.

Adult football:

In 2021, we have our own men’s representation team starting in the fifth or sixth tier of the Northern Finnish Football Association. Until 2019, the adult football section was run by “FC Santa Claus Arctic Circle”. In 2020 there were no adult teams in the club, and now we organise this section ourselves. We plan to add a women’s representation team in 2022. However, our juniors will always be the priority for us.

The men’s team started it’s pre-season phase on 1st February. Until then we organise things in the background. More info here.

Since we receive many messages about it from international players: We do NOT pay salaries to our players. You’re welcome to play for us, but you have to pay yourself for your living expenses.


In 2019, we had over 400 players and over 500 members in our club. Our activities are guided by the common values ​​of the club: Communality, physical activity, education. You can read more about this in our “Vision 2025” (in Finnish only so far). Basically, we live by the values of christmas and Santa Claus. If Santa wouldn’t approve an action, we won’t do it. We’re Santa’s Little Helpers on the football field.


The club’s staff consists of three permanent employees and one part-time employee. The coaches and team members in our company are mainly volunteers – students, juniors, and fathers and mothers, who we train to do their jobs.

Welcome to Santa’s official club!

Pages with a “translate”-button:

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