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Saksalainen malliharjoitusviikko, osa 2

Finn Heiserholt ja P2011-12. Kuva: FC SCJ

Saksalainen malliharjoitusviikko, osa 2

Finn Heiserholt jatkoi eilen harjoituksia meidän joukkueiden kanssa. Hän kertoi eilen illalla (englanniksi):

“Today the kids showed in various warm-up dribbling and passing competitions that they have good football techniques.

We continued with 1v1 and goal scoring competitions and it felt like at FC Santa Claus Juniorit we have a couple of upcoming ‘Teemu Pukkis’ in our ranks. I saw some very nice goals.

We finished the trainings with exciting games, using the whole field (9v9 from penalty area to penalty area for the younger kids and 11v11 for the older kids).

The sun shone, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. Kiitos paljon”.

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