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Below you find some information about our services. A comprehensive list can be found on the Finnish version of our website.


Our membership system as well as the registration for new members are only available in Finnish language on the Finnish version of our website.

The easiest way for people outside of Finland to support our club is by becoming a member of our fanclub “Santa’s Little Helpers”. You can find more information about that here.

As a member of our fanclub, you get the same benefits at our cooperation partners as our regular club members.


Futisstartti Header

Futisstartti is an education program from the Finnish Football Federation in cooperation with LähiTapiola.

Futisstartti creates the conditions for a good start to the hobby

Our club offers seminars to our parents to ensure a safe, friendly and supportive environment for our players.

We provide more information on the Finnish version of our website.

More about the education program for parents in Finnish: Futisvanhemman startti-verkkosivu


This is our player development chart:


Our club has an own goalkeeper school where we coach junior goalkeepers to a professional level.


During the summer months, our head of coaching offers additional morning training shifts for all interested players.


At its best, you get joy, success and good friends from sports.

The joint project of the Population Union and Finnish sports promotes the right for everyone to enjoy sports safely and to be treated equally and with respect.

Have you encountered inappropriate behavior or harassment in sports? Athletes, the athlete’s parents / guardians, coaches, and employees and volunteers from sports clubs or federations can contact the project.

You’re not alone-website (in Finnish)


Et ole yksin


The Finnish Football Federation (SPL) organises courses for referees.

We support players or other club members who are interested in becoming referees.

We offer “game leader” courses for our C- and B-juniors, so that they can act as referees in our Santa Claus League.


Are you interested in supporting our club and / or offering membership benefits to our members?
Become a partner by contacting our chairman or by filling out our contact form:

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Lähetä = send

Pakollinen = necessary


    The Finnish Football Federation (SPL) offers courses for coaches, starting with the Futisvalmentajan Startti-course (E-license) and finishing with the UEFA Pro license for international level professional coaches. They also offer additional courses for various topic.

    Our club’s head of coaching (UEFA A-license) is an instructor for the Futisvalmentajan Startti (E-license) and Ikävaihe (D-license) courses and is working on becoming an instructor for the C-license as well.

    The club’s goal is to have at least one C-license coach per team.

    Valmentajan Polut
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